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oreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hor Namhong. He will be visiting Cuba until Thursday. "Our political relations have always been very close and we support each other,"


ters of the United States, Mexico and Canada said here on Monday that they need to make joint efforts to address the security challenges in the region. Canadian Minister of Foreig.


children, families, and neighbors, the document said. On the part of the federal government, its most effective role in strengthening community partnerships and preventing violent.


nese government or Chinese-owned companies. He also said it "places no restrictions on activities involving individual Chinese nationals unless those nationals are acting as offi.


ng to move West and South. A large number of Hispanics is moving into southwestern states, while numerous African Americans are moving into various southern states, according to t.

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of the runway at the international airport in Cumana, capital of the state. Shortly before the crash, the pilot had contact with the control tower and said the plane had a fault i.

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ater Horizon spill. The oil can be seen as a sheen on the water surface. BP was weighing whether to stick with the tricky "top kill" maneuver or try something else to plug the gu.

f democratic elections in Sub-Saharan Africa," the ministry said. Botswana also has one of the most dynamic economies in Africa, with 6 percent growth in 2013, and is home to large.

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