mer foreign minister, has been appointed the new planning and development minister. Other ministries being reshuffled include Housing, Migration, Indigenous Peoples, Education, Sci.

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ve from a collapsed building in the University of Port-au-Prince on Saturday evening by a U.S. rescue team, after having been trapped there for 97 hours. The U.S. team also found .

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late be beefed up and anyone responsible for the shooting be held accountable according to the law. U.S. authorities have already started investigating the case. ? The body of a you.

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n peace activist Leymah Roberta Gbowee for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has delayed her scheduled .

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ay, we discussed additional steps that we can take to increase pressure and further isolate the Assad regime," Clinton told reporters after meeting with Ashton at the State Depar.

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ch suffered the blast about 10 p.m. Tuesday off the Louisiana coast and continued burning since then, the Coast Guard said. The rig had deteriorated badly throughout the morning, a .

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ning a blow to the head during a fall in August, continues to be under the strict medical supervision of a team of doctors from the hospital's Neuroscience Institute and Multivale.

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President Raul Castro, experts said. According to official figures, 1,618 private restaurants have opened in Cuba since October 2010, when Castro reopened the door to "self-emplo.

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est of the emerging markets will show a greater growth rhythm, so Chile may be least likely to climb to higher positions in the short term," the economist said. But "this scenario.

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