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houses, and we will have to work together," Pinera said. Pinera urged the people to be solidary to fulfil the formidable task of reconstruction. The first measure of Pinera's govern.


place at St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham at about 4 a.m. The gunman wounded two hospital staffers and a Birmingham police officer before he was killed by another Birmingham .


re entitled to. Some workers are expected to receive payments of only a few thousand dollars, while others could be in line to receive more than 1 million dollars, depending on t.


s had insisted that they suspected foul play over Todd's work at the Institute of Microelectronics, "possibly" over what they said could be a technology transfer involving Chines.

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come a sitting duck for precision guided munitions -- and cancelling the program could result in many U.S. casualties, he said. While Defense Secretary Robert Gates has contended .

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ntinue to fight for Chavez's ideal. Venezuela's related authorities currently are deliberating on the final resting place for Chavez's remains. The Venezuelan parliament is conside.

ut an agreement to lift the limit by Aug. 2. Under the pressure of Republicans, the debt limit issue is bundled with U.S. deficit reduction plan. Republicans have refused to discus.

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